These 10 perks will make you want to run your business online!

Just imagine your internet goes down for a second…Jeeez!
Horrifying right?

W-E-B-S-I-T-E- is the lifeline of our current generation.
Facebook, Twitter, Jabong, Amazon, Google are nothing but websites which millions of people are glued too. Imagine millions of people accessing data just by sitting in one place or while they are on the move.
That’s huge, isn’t it?  In this virtual world, all you have to do is sit back and let your website do the talking!!


8 fabulous secrets that you must know if you are planning to have a website:

1. Your own Unique Internet Identity

Two ‘must haves’ for a business: 1. Name/Identity 2. Place
Just the way you have your own physical shop, business etc. Internet provides you with a personal space which is called Server!
Putting up a name board helps you identify your business whereas registering a domain helps you name/identify your business online.

*Additional Perk: You might find ‘xyz’ named 100 shops physically, but your business name is unique on the internet


2. Cost Effective

If you can buy/rent a space and domain on internet in as low as Rs. 1000 per month, why would you spend extra on a physical shop?

*You can find/bid for the cheapest domain and server online with help of Godaddy and other websites


3. Accessible around the clock

Just because we have our roots in one city, where shops open at 10am, shut at 2pm, Reopen at 5pm and finally closed at 9.30pm.
Now you know what we are talking about!
Website is like a heartbeat, it never stops working.

*Take orders, solve queries, and showcase products/services even at the peak sleeping hours!
Oh wait, you can work from home, all the freaking time


4. Credibility

We humans are the most suspicious species, we don’t trust! We are always in two states.
We won’t buy a thing until and unless we have inquired about it and taken feedback. Websites help you give credibility to your physical shop, provides with all the necessary information like Testimonials, address, contact no., web chat etc.

*You can even track the address through Google maps. Also, there are various websites which help you recognize the credible online business.


5. Improved Customer Service:

Is it possible for you to track your customer’s details like Interests, and other demographics offline? No one likes to fill a feedback form.
But you track each and every customer here along with its likes and dislikes and get back to him every time you want through emails/sms and even social media!

*You can chat with your website customer on your website, while you’re relaxing back home! Also, get the feedback there and then.


6. Product / Service Showcase:

Websites are nowhere less in showcasing your products and services to the customers and giving them a great user experience.

*It is the best platform to display your products while both, the seller and buyer are at ease.


7. Customer Feedback

Getting Customer feedback online is as easy, or just says, it’s very easy.
It helps you earn brownie points on the entire internet, whereas the feedback will stay only at the local level.

*Tracking your customer and getting a feedback is a Child’s play here!!


8. Earn EXTRA Money

Yes you can! That’s what the advertisements are for.
It is next to impossible to earn those extra bucks in a physical shop/office. But on your website, it is as easy as a pie!

*Increase the traffic on your website to get other brands advertise on your website and earn!!


9. Improves Advertising Effectiveness

Physical shops and offices advertisements limit to newspaper, pamphlets, flyers, hoarding which can be heavy on your pocket. But advertising online is effective and dirt cheap!

*Taking help of free social media sites can help you save a lot on advertising. Also, advertising on the similar websites is lot cheaper and helps you target the correct audience, not only in your locality but GLOBALLY!


10. Global Market – Global Audience

By developing a website, you no more belong to a local market. You get down to the real GLOBAL Business! Your reach is limitless. You are the alpha and the omega of the market

*Get known to the entire globe just by sitting back home. Work according to the global times and cater all the types of audiences.



So stop everything you are doing right now and get your business online with a kickass website.


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  1. Swapnil Wani says:

    Good Approaches & are Absolutely right related to Networking part .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s good to see a feedback coming from a someone in the similar professional field.


  2. Shivali says:

    Great job, keep sharing us with useful info

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou Mumma!
      Will keep writing such blogs and you keep reading and sharing them 🙂


  3. daksh dvivedi says:

    one of the most informative and legitimate post i have seen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou Daksh. It’s encouraging to see such appreciation from you!


  4. sonali prasad says:

    Nice content shreeya. Very informative!


    1. Hey Sonali, Thankyou so much 🙂


  5. Sonali Prasad says:

    Nice content Shreeya. Simple and informative.


  6. Bhagyesh says:

    Read your blogpost… Very good use of words and the information you have provided can really help people who aren’t aware of website and online businesses…
    Creditibility is very important.. Link exchanges, back links can actually get your website ranked good on search engine and also increases your authenticity on web..
    I would also request you to give all the bloggers more info on search engines as well.. Because while creating a website we have to take humans as well as search engines into consideration..
    Loved your post.. Keep it up👍🏻
    Excellent way to educate people about Internet and digital media..


    1. Hey Bhagyesh, Thanks a lot for detailed feedback. Will definitely come up with a writeup of seo.


  7. Afficionado says:

    Nice writeup, to the point and meticulously written. Just 1 suggestion take the end to a logical conclusion. The end seems very sudden and abrupt. Just a couple of lines to end it on a subtle note. Well done.


    1. Hey Vaibhav, Thankyou for suggesting the change. Will definitely do the needful and update. Thankyou for going giving it a read 🙂


  8. Sai says:

    Hey Shrey!!! Awesome efforts dear! I haven’t gone thorough the content in details yet, but ever point I see seems to help me some or the other way… I would surely go through the entire content soon as I get a bit free…


    1. Hey Sai, Thankyou for appreciating my work. Do give it a read in your free time and share feedback/suggestions if any 🙂


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